Event Cloak Launches Digital Site

eventcloack-reprogrammingMy love for all things Sundrips goes back a couple years, since I first exchanged emails with Ryan Connolly and Nick Maturo.  If my memory servies, Ryan was a regular customer of Digitalis chits long before I even know he was involved in any music projects (maybe Nick was too, but I’m old as hell so I forget things).  Anyway, since then these two Montreal residents have become an absolute clearing house for electronic wares whether its through their various projects or their ridiculously good and incredibly consistent Fadeaway Tapes label.

So with all that in mind, I was pretty damn excited when Nick announced over the weekend that he’d setup a bandcamp page for his solo project, Event Cloak, and christened it with his tape on Tranquility from last year, Reprogramming (which I named one of my favorite tapes of 2012, whuuuut).  I can’t recommend it enough (and would encourage you to throw a few bones his way b/c it’s worth every penny).  The thing about Reprogramming that I love so much is how Maturo blends bright, synth-based compositions with weird-ass cutups & collages as well as more pastoral, meditative pieces.  It’s diverse as hell but built in a way that makes a lot of sense.  I dunno, I just love this shit.  Get on it (& hope more digital offerings from Nick’s vaults (not to mention Ryan’s solo wares, Sundrips, other collabos, etc) are forthcoming.

Event Cloak bandcamp