Homeowner “Themes from 172” (Cover Art)

homeonwer-themesLook, I could probably ramble on for quite a while on how much I dig Joe Bastardo’s Homeowner project (the wicked stepsister of his other moniker, Bastian Void), but right now I’m too fucking obsessed with the above cover for his upcoming tape, Themes From 172, on Orange Milk.  It’s a perfect match, those two… Orange Milk consistently sports the best design work on the planet and Bastardo’s Moss Archive is right up there as well (they’re basically my top two choices to design the cover for this novella if I ever finish the fucken thing).  Put these two powerhouses together?  Party the fuck on fellas.

Oh, and this tune, “With Regards to an Opening,” ain’t bad either (full disclosure: I mastered this album).