Adderall Canyonly “Song For a Broken Rhodes” (RCN)

adderall_canyonly-excelsior_minorAdderall Canyonly is one of Field Hymns‘ stellar in-house bands (and maybe the one with the best name, though Oxykitten would certainly love to fight you over that).  Anyway this tune off his new tape, Excelsior Minor, on the excellent Rubber City Noise label (I obviously have a lot of love for RCN since they put out the final nail in The North Sea‘s coffin, though their website makes me kinda sad.  But I digress), is a real creeper.  AC gets his best JC on, filling the airwaves with a macabre dirge to guide your dead soul home.  This is straight-up horror deliciousness, aching for a death scene to soundtrack.  I mean, I have a lot of love for the bulk of Adderall Canyonly’s output – and there’s a chunk of it to get down your throat – but “Song For a Broken Rhodes” ranks up with the best tunes he’s sacrificed.  Suck this one down then buy the tape.

*full-disclosure: I mastered this tape, but what-the-fuck-ever right?