ideal-mixtape8Goddamn, these iDEAL mixes keep getting weirder and better with each new installment… it’s kind of nuts.  This whole thing puts a new face on the phrase ‘ghost in the machine.’  I feel like I’m listening to someone’s radio possessed by the kind of spirits I’d want to pal around with.  Seriously fucking great.

Oh, and the cover is perfect.  Alien invasion of your radio fellas.

Artist and composer Dan Fröberg presents his second transmission for iDEAL ; Love Changes Forever (Radio).

“It’s here. The sound of the Now! The Now sound in your psychic radio that has the drive and the rhythm and the very special pulse of Now! And if you do not think it possible to dance in two rhythms simultaneously, listen to this program. You’ll hear, you’ll feel, you’ll see. It’s here, it’s Now, it’s all happening!”