Geoff Mullen “Filtered Water” (Type)

geoff_muller-waterOf course I’m biased when it comes to Type because he’s the only person consistently willing to release my dumb records.  I kid, I kid… but really, the label very rarely disappoints and on the back of the blackened blitzkrieg that is Hair Police‘s Mercurial Rights comes the latest soliloquy from Geoff Mullen, the polar opposite of crunching noise.  Filtered Water (which I keep wanting to call Water Closet for no logical reason whatsoever)  is “is an augmented mono recording documenting a multi-channel sound installation in the backwoods of Hudson Valley.” (h/t Boomkat)  This is subtle listening at its finest, an album that ends up absorbing the listener in unexpected ways as it draws one into its deceptive, shape-shifting world.  Stunning stuff (not surprising considering Mullen’s last Type album).  Preview it:

Buy it at Boomkat (or through your favorite stateside distributors in the next week or so)