R A M Z I “bambatchewfireman /\ imgonakickhisass”

ramzi-bambaI still don’t remember how I first ended up on R A M Z I‘s page (I think it was her bandcamp, actually), but I’ve been pretty into it since.  I know that this is the work of Montreal resident Phoebé Guillemot who is connected in some way to all those MTLers we know and love (Hobo Cult, Sundrips, JLK, LDE, etc).  But Guillemot’s brand of weirdness is, well, even weirder.  Combining disparate ingredients in a way that, at times, is almost cartoonish and seems to make little sense, she is skilled as a ring master and manages to juggle and manipulate it all into something forward thinking and just plain fucking strange.  Dub elements and samples have started to creep in more and more in the last few tunes she’s made available and that’s what’s really got my heart aflutter.  Vague hints of the deconstruction that my boy SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL has down to an absolute artform (best of the best ya’ll) is toyed with on “bambatchewfireman /\ imgonakickhisass” (the most absurd/best song title I’ve heard in ages) as vocal samples are cut up and repeated while plodding, bass-heavy grooves get blurred underneath.  Synth squeals do laps on the surface, adding a frenetic, nervous energy to the first half of the tune until it smooths out near the end.  It’s such a bizarre piece of music and I’ve literally listened to it about 12 times today.  I really need more of this in my life.