PLVS VLTRA “ちょ-ちょ (with Nico)”

plvs_vltra-nicoA few new Field Hymns tapes are on the way but right now this PLVS VLTRA tune is really doing it for me and the tape as a whole (called Yo-Yo Blue) is weird and really great.  I was surprised, honestly, because the only other PV stuff I’ve heard was pretty middling and didn’t do anything for me.  Yo-Yo Blue is much more unconstrained in pursuing its own oddity, well-served by a randomness that keeps the listener guessing from track to track.  “ちょ-ちょ (with Nico)” is about as straight-forward as it gets (reminds me of a groovier version of Green Blossoms or Tenniscoats), the lilting vocals inescapable in their allure.  Yo-Yo Blue is out on April 22nd.  Killer art, too (duh).