Carpenter Brut “Disco Zombi Italia”

carpenter_brut-epThis track is pretty ridiculous but I can’t get enough of it (and the whole EP it’s from is worth hearing too, for that matter).  Along the lines of all the aforementioned Aphasia stuff, Carpenter Brut play in an adjacent sandbox where it’s a bit gnarlier and not so pristine.  From the beginning there’s a vague horror vibe to this whole thing and the opening 15 secondsd of “Disco Zombi Italia” hammer that point home until the wall of synths slices your throat and funk-as-fuck basslines start cramming their girth into all the empty spaces.  Yeah, that sounds kind of gross but that’s the point.. this is kind of gross in the best possible way.  By the time the lead hook of the ‘chorus’ falls into place you’re hooked on the groove and everything gets bigger and badder from there, blown out to ten and then some.