Henry Dawson “Brain Love” (Orange Milk)

henry_dawson-brain_loveHenry Dawson is Orange Milk‘s secret weapon. There’s a ton of stuff I love about that label from Keith Rankin‘s amazing design work to the variety of neon-weirdness that often permeates their releases.  But Dawson (the nom-de-guerre of the non-Rankin half of the OM equation, Seth Graham) is ratcheting up the good stuff on Brain Love and pouring out liquid soundscapes that are covered in mesmerizing glitches.  This is maximal music, hitting all your senses with a constant flow of information that fucks with your perception.  Auditory digital ephemera in every color imaginable is torn down and built back up through Graham’s twisted, magnificent vision.  With so much happening, it’s impossible to track it all but through the delicate, immense grid moments of beauty and melody and shimmer always find their way through (see the minimal splurge of “Mr. Fuzzers” for example).

Brain Love is pure digital ecstasy (and there’s a song called “Cat Culture” which, honestly, is all you really need to know).  I love this thing.

The tape is still available as well, so click that stream and buy that sucker!