The Underachievers “Indigoism”

the_underachievers-indigoismI downloaded this a while ago and finally listened to it a few weeks ago (too much stuff in the queue), but goddamn.  I’ve been listening to it a ton ever since and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite 2013 releases.  Look, not gonna get in too deep on this but if you’ve got any interest in the current strain of NYC rap and haven’t heard this, get on it right fucken now.  Indigoism is full of insanenly great beats (alotta serious sloooow grooves, all of it taking on a grimey and almost-mystical vibe) and a way-more-impressive-than-I-expected amount of lyricism and wordplay from Issa Dash & AK.  Fucked-up to think they’re just getting started (recently signed to Brainfeeder) cuz there’s not a lot of filler on this tape.