Nicholas Bullen “Element Configuration III i. Of Three Elements”

nic_bullen-component_FixationsMore on this album later in a big way, but this is my favorite thing Type has put out since I don’t know when (Main Attrakionz probably).  I’ve been hearing about this record for years and now that it’s finally happening I can happily report that the wait is well worth it.  Nicholas Bullen, for those who don’t know, was a founding member of Napalm Death back in the day and Component Fixations, his first solo effort, is massive.

“The album promises a synthesis of Bullen’s influences, with a particular emphasis on the electronic pioneers of the 1960s.”

You can hear those elements in this piece with shards of electronics jutting out via tape manipulation and static glitches obscure hidden voices and field recordings to the point they’re unrecognizable.  Tonal shifts happen subtly, piling on to the point where the aural intensity stretches ear drums to their breaking point.  “Element Configuration III i. Of Three Elements” requires serious attention to get the full effect so dabblers need not apply.  Component Fixations is out on May 13th.