El Kid “Arcanum 1.6.13”

elkid-arcanumEl Kid aka Sam Kidel is part of the excellent ‘Young Echo Collective‘ – a handful of UK artists/producers that have been scratching up dance floors all over the place (you’re probably most familiar with Vessel I would guess).  Anyway, this piece is a total wrench in the works that’s been hitting me just right this week.  Kidel’s description is as follows:

A sound recording of the Arcanum exhibition on the 1st of June… first thing on Saturday morning, just me on toy harmonicas and guitar, the microphone + processing set up and the sound of passing pedestrians and traffic…

Clearly a different beast from their usual, weirded-out beat-driven fair, but mesmerizing in its own way.  Everything unfolds at snail speed but still pushes forward with enough momentum so that the listener never gets too comfortable.  If this is your first introduction to Young Echo, you’ll probably be quite surprised by their other stuff (check out their new album HERE), but on its own “Arcanum 1.6.13” is worth digging into.

More info on the show this was part of HERE.