Galaxaburn + Jolin Ras “Stormtrooper”

jolinras-galaxburnShort and essential collaborative piece from two cogs in the TRANSMOLECULAR/OUTERBOUNDSOUND machine.  Jolin Ras has kicked out a couple really great beat tapes and remixes in the past few years.  He’s one hell of a producer.  Galaxaburn has been a little harder pin down, though has seen some killer works on Jelly Fish under this and other monikers (Hashbrown shout-out).  He also did one of my favorite remixes last year.  So, you know, there’s some real pedigree here.  Anyway, this under-two-minute jam kicks in all the right places and and scurries on its way before overstaying its welcome.  All I can hope is that this is a tease of some kind of more full-fledged effort between these two.  Bounce.