The Isolatarium Podcast, Episode #2

Isolatarium-logoFor Episode #2 of the podcast we mixed things up a bit, getting away from what will be the regular line-up of Eden, Zach, & I.  This time we had Jeans Houdini in the studio along with his wife Sarah and things got weird.  So apologies for getting off on a billion tangents this time that have absolutely nothing to do with the songs we played, but when bog people and dolphin rape come into a conversation, you just have to roll with it.

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1. “Felicity” – Silky Johnson (Intro)
2. “Palmitos Park” – El Guincho
4. “No Faces” – Tree (feat. Danny Brown)
5. “Wedge” – Rrose
4. “Still (N Luv Wit My Money)” – Paul Wall & Chamillionaire
5. “Even Rainbows Turn Blue” – Lewis
6. “She Gone” – Gonjasufi
7. “Markos” – Goblin
8. “Ima Burn Him” – DJ Nate
9. “I Need a Swig” – Dirty Walt & Columbus Sanitation
10. “Snowflakes Are Dancing” – Kurt Vile
11. “Good Indian” – Gary Sloan & Clone
12. “Y I Do” – Zebra Katz
13. “Primitives Talk” – Zack Hill
14. “Deviance” – Perturbator
15. “Astronaut” – Quasimoto
16. “Who’s That Senorita?” – Esplendor Geometrico
17. “Choppas In the Closet” – (No) Pusha T
18. “Revelations” – The Underachievers