The Return…

colosThe past year has been unbelievable.  It’s been amazing, trying, and generally exhausting in all the best and worst ways.  This whole DAD LIFE rules hard and it still dominates most of my time.  But with the kid about start daycare two days per week, the timing of relaunching this little fella is right.

Shortly before making the decision to push ahead with The Isolatarium, I almost decided to give things up entirely, but somewhere found new motivations and new inspiration to get back to what I’ve often enjoyed doing most and that’s writing about music.  More specifically, writing about music that most other people aren’t paying much attention to.  Add a growing disillusionment with a great deal of the current music press (me and everyone else eh?) and here we are.

I’m not entirely sure what is ahead but I do hope there will be daily posts during the week (all kinds of random as hell stuff including music/beer pairings because of course and hopefully non-music stuff too) as well as guest posts and contributions from friends.  There’s also a connected bandcamp page to house the entirety of my recorded archives (my god) that is a work-in-progress right now (though features a 3+ hour collection of unreleased pieces by The North Sea to coincide w/ this relaunch).  Stay tuned, say hi, send over music, drink good beer, and goodnight.