Nguyen-Dorji Duo

nugyendorjiI’ve been on a lengthy free jazz kick recently (Interstellar Space gets played at least once per day) and this live duo recording is really scratching that itch in a different way. Tashi Dorji is one of my favorite ‘new’ guitarists in the world right now.  He’s had an impeccable string of tape releases and is gearing up for his first LP on Ben Chasny’s new label Hermit Hut.  Dorji is cranking out the electricity here, firing bolts left and right while Thom Nguyen is absolutely on fire.  His drumming pushes everything forward here, breaking it into pieces at the right moments before propelling the session into new found sonic territory.  It’s invigorating.  No idea if these guys are ever going to do a tape/record together but we can only hope that’s the case.