Maurizio Abate “A Way To Nowhere”

maurizioabate-awaytnoI remember first hearing Maurizio Abate’s debut album, Mystic Strings, shortly after it came out in 2007 and thinking that he was a name we’d be hearing a lot from over the coming years.  I was wrong, in a sense, because it took almost two years for his next album, Armonicum, to materialize (a small single-sided 12″ was in between).  Anyway, it’s been a long, slow haul for Abate but with the release of A Way To Nowhere he’s fully delivered on so much promise.

Limited to 250 black vinyl copies via Boring Machines, A Way To Nowhere starts out with a meditative crawl.  “Into The Void” floats on thick waves of electric guitar reverie while bleeding into the meditative “Silent Trees.”  Abate’s vocals raise skyward, acting as a beacon to follow into the healing light.  While the psychedelic bend of this music is apparent, it is steeped in the tradition of blues guitar.  Abate is not just a proficient guitarist, he’s an impressive songwriter that is able to bring together disparate tonal shifts and challenges into something engaging and cathartic.

On the 14 minute burner, “Land Of Thoughts,” he builds up mountains of screaming sound so he can finally make them crumble between his fingers.  A Way To Nowhere is one hell of a ride.