Seth Graham “Goop”

sethgraham-goopSeth Graham is awesome.  Let’s just get that out of the way.  He is 1/2 of Cream Juice (one of the best duos in the world) and 1/2 of the brains behind the Orange Milk label (one of the best labels in the world).  His solo work, first under the moniker Henry Dawson and now under his own name, just continues getting better and better.  Goop is his masterwork (up to this point, anyway, since I’m sure it’s going to get better) and that it’s released on Noumenal Loom — one of the upcoming labels working right now — is fitting.  Graham’s compositional fuckere is in top form.  Like Cream Juice, the number of disparate, seemingly unrelated elements that he is able to juggle and re-assemble into intoxicating yet bizarre pieces is incredible. Goop forever.