Cliffsides “Lunar Drifter”

cliffsides-lunarIt’s been ages since we heard from Ryan McGill’s Cliffsides project, but the wait has proved worth it with two hours of new music just being released via double cassette on Tranquility. Within those 120 minutes there is an insane amount of variety.  McGill’s skillful enough to keep things from drifting too far apart and the separation of the alternate sides of the project onto different cassettes is a nice tough.  While his synth-based work has always been impeccable, I find myself drawn more to the processed field recordings and found tape based material.  “Lunar Drifter” sounds like an intercepted transmission from a lost world deep beneath the oceans (despite its extraterrestrial title).  Harmonic resonances float to the surface, twisted and distorted by the water and find new sonic spaces in the debris left behind.  Ghosts chatter away below the droning surface tones as the piece slowly drifts into nothingness.