Jefre Cantu-Ledesma “Songs Of Forgiveness”

jcl-songsJefre Cantu-Ledesma has always been an enigma to me, shapeshifting out of nowhere and leaving his future intentions impossible to predict.  Songs Of Forgiveness keeps that theme alive with 40 minutes of contemplative shoegaze sprawl.  Rhythms repeat into oblivion, the spine that cannot be shattered as warped, dissonant guitar loops lace above in the black night sky.

Songs Of Forgiveness is a meditation to love lost and lives that never existed.  Recorded during a harsh New York winter, JCL’s emotions are laid bare, his heart on his sleeve through mournful tones and washes of white noise.  Gaze long into the hiss and imperfect images become clearer, self-reflection becomes vital.  Overwhelming to the point of breaking, Songs Of Forgiveness is a way forward without bridges ablaze and incliment destruction left in our wake.

Originally released on cassette via Baro (and really, one of 2014’s finest tape releases), Songs Of Forgiveness is now available digitally via Jefre’s Shining Skull bandcamp page.  Don’t miss it.