Mary Lattimore and Jeff Zeigler “The White Balloon”

maryljzeig-whiteballoonMary Lattimore’s album on Desire Path caught me off-guard when it came out, so seeing info on this new collaboration album she’s done with Jeff Zeigler for Thrill Jockey land in my inbox was a welcome surprise. “The White Balloon” highlights Lattimore’s harp playing as she attempts to quell the storm of electronics Zeigler is brewing.  She is the calm, plucking lament after lament while the chaos below builds to a crescendo.  Tension rises between the two halves, each side throwing it all away until, in the wreckage, a harmonious union is found.  If “The White Balloon” is any indication, Lattimore and Zeigler’s album, Slant Of Light, is going to leave a mark. Beautiful stuff.