Von Bingen “Cherry 2000”

vonbingen-cherry200I have no idea how many people heard Von Bingen’s debut LP back in 2009, but everyone I know that has a copy absolutely loves the damn thing. I’m in that camp, obviously, and so I was fucking thrilled when “Cherry 2000” popped into existence. This is one of my favorite tunes I’ve heard all summer and bodes very well for their next record.  As with the last, this is the quartet of Jenni Pace, Josh Stevenson, Daniel Presnell, & Richard Smith.  There is no doubt that these four have a very specific vision they’re trying to hone, but “Cherry 2000” always feels like it’s about to veer off the rails and into the valley below.  But that’s why it’s great.  The layers of guttural guitar wailing and screaming, warbling electronics are constantly vying for the spotlight while a constant groove bubbles away underneath.  Von Bingen are at war with themselves and thank god for it. This is just beginning to get good (and it’s already fucken great).  Let’s rejoice together.