Demonstration Synthesis “DS7”

demonstrationsynt-ds7Demonstration Synthesis is a project of electronic explorations of all kinds from the Montreal-based Daniel Leznoff.  I will readily admit that I’m not as familiar with this project as I think I should be, but since first hearing DS7 (which I assume is his seventh release under this name), I’ve headed down the rabbithole to see how much I can find.  And so far, there’s a lot.  Yet DS7 is where I keep coming back to.

Leznoff covers a lot of ground over the course of this tape, but there’s a tonal quality to everything that ties things together nicely.  What really surprised me, though, was the funkier elements and a bit of tongue-in-cheek-y-ness.  While Leznoff is incredibly adept at constructing steller atmospheres, like with “Drop In,” where it feels as if everything in the room will be airborne at any moment, and the spooky “The Analog,” it’s in syrupy-sweet moments like “Isabella” that DS7 really shines. Leznoff holds nothing bac and, as listeners, we’re rewarded.

If DS7 is an indication of Demonstration Synthesis’ trajectory, there’s some special things in store going forward.  Out now on cassette and digital via Phinery.