Chris Forbes Trio At Evolving Voice

cforbes3There’s been a lot of recent discussion (poorly written at that) about the ‘death of jazz’ and all that garbage recently. It’s the same crap that crops up every few years, though the article in question (that I’m not going to link because fuck that noise) was especially bad.  Anyway, the best thing that came from it was my friend Ted posting a link to this incredible performance from the Chris Forbes Trio.  I’ve only been slightly aware of Forbes the last little while, but with my recent re-obsession with Interstellar Space and various free/jazz forms in the past few months, this hit me just right.  Joined by Hill Greene on bass and Michael “TA” Thompson on drums, this hour-long set is eye-opening to say the least.  Forbes is a monster and Greene and Thompson push the whole thing over the top.  Listen to it in its entirety.  This is how you do it.