The Shitty Listener 7″

cover_reformatJason Honea is hard to figure out and I’d guess that’s how he prefers it. Throughout the years his work with Teenage Panzerkorps, The Child Readers, The Knit Separates, and so many others has always left me wanting more. His association in the early ’00s with Jewelled Antler only fueled that fire (sidenote: Glenn Donaldson appears on this 7″ in guest form)  I dare say that his Shitty Listener project is the one that is often most fulfilling and this four-song 7″ EP is no exception.

The four songs are sparse.  I imagine them being beamed in from another plane, like long-dead relatives sending cryptic yet important message through the astral ether.  “Candle On Water” swims in hiss, Honea gently strumming an acoustic guitar while effortless vocals and a simple keyboard lead puncuate the surprising impact of the song.  Usually, Honea’s vocals are the star of his recordings and “No Thrones” is a ripe example.  The louder he wails, the deeper it hits.

My only complain with The Shitty Listener is that I don’t get to hear more of the project.  Perhaps this 7″ is just a taste of more things to come.  Regardless, I’ve had it on repeat for days and suggest you do the same.

The 7″ is out now on 3 Acre Floor (website is currently down). Email Jason to order.