Giant Claw “Dark Web 002”

giantclaw-darkwebThere’s no doubt in my mind that Giant Claw’s forthcoming album, Dark Web, has the potential to be the year’s best.  Keith Rankin has been in a ridiculous groove for the past few years (culminating w/ last year’s Cream Juice album,  Man Feelings), but it seems like Dark Web is the culmination of so many ideas, so many different threads.  This is entrenched in the internet age.  “Dark Web 002” is only a taste of what’s to come. Rankin’s approach has changed drastically compared to previous Giant Claw records, but his knack for rapid-fire, ear-catching melodies and layered insanity remains intact.  Deep MIDI elements comprise the bulk of the tune’s musical elements, but the cut/destroyed r&b vocal samples allow Giant Claw to venture into welcome new territories. “Dark Web 002” is everything. If the rest of Dark Web lives up to these lofty standards then we’re in for something incredibly special.  Along with Man Feelings and Seth Graham’s (the other half of Cream Juice) Goop, I’m not sure anyone in the world is doing anything better.  My mind is blown.

Dark Web is out next month on the increasingly-great Noumenal Loom.