SU-NAMI “Nostalgia”

su-namiAs I work on my monthly tape column for FACT, I scour every corner I can to hear as many tapes from likely and unlikely sources. It’s always a thrill when I stumble onto something like SU-NAMIi’s Nostalgia. You’ve got to love someone who is a self-described “artist/producer/skater” (or at least I do).  Anyway, Nostalgia is a short tripped-out micro journey through concrete beats and devout landscapes. Opener “Lakes” is as watery as the title suggests with cut-and-sampled vocals and claustrophobic synth pads that never let you come up for air.  There’s a whimsical undercurrent that flows throughout and it’s that aspect that keeps me returning to this track in particular.

The nostalgic drips heavier from tunes like “Fall” and “Malaysia,” especially the latter with blurred leads stumbling over bass-heavy rhythms. Balance is key with SU-NAMI’s works.  He strides right up to the line where going over would make these short, sweet tracks a bit shlocky, but pulls back at the right moment every time.

Nostalgia is available on uber-limited cassette and digital via Scenic Rhythms. Get at it.