The Archives: Grey Park

greypark-wingsofspitGrey Park were (are? I actually have no idea if they’re still active in any way, shape, or form.  Discogs shows a split tape in 2012) an underrated duo from Finland that cranked out a handful of CDRs back in the early and mid-00s.  “Kingston Floor,” the first half of a CDR called Time On Wings Of Spit that I released on Foxglove is a slow burner.  It oozes tension.  Dense webs of guitar carnage rumble around in the subterranean levels while hissing, fizzing electronics crackle near the surface.  The drones get louder, like a squadron of insects buzzing around in endless harmony until a surprising, pulsating rhythm dives in to take control.  Everything fades to dust as you listen to children playing off in the distance amongst the smoking ruins.