Pairings #3: Oatmeal Yeti & Lawrence English

lawrence_english-wildernessLawrence English is one of the best experimental composers from the last decade.  Kiri No Oto is a goddamn masterpiece (and yeah yeah, full disclosure I released the thing on vinyl) and other recent notches in his discography have left their mark. But I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure he could reach the heights of Kiri again; that’s an album that, if you’re lucky, comes once in a lifetime. Thankfully, I was wrong.

Wilderness Of Mirrors is brutal and massive.  English pushes his sonic palette into heady new directions where there’s no time and no reason to polish the edge off.  This is a deep dark crevice that English is tuned into and mapping out with unparalleled precision.  I always imagine him as some kind of surgeon because his work is so intent and so tight. And still there’s a freedom and a rawness to Wilderness Of Mirrors that takes it into anothe realm.

imageGreat Divide’s Oatmeal Yeti goes along these same lines.  Yeti is a seemingly once-in-a-lifetime kind of beer that seems impossible to improve upon (though to be fair the Oak Aged version is better than the original too, but hey).  The oatmeal version, though, adds a richness and smoothness that evades the original.  Complex tasting notes are abound as the temperature on the beer rises and the ending bitterness brings everything together.  It’s still deep and dark as an endless void, but like Wildness Of Mirrors has a surprising approachability.  Both are world class.