Lumisokea “Eavesdropping On Pianists”

lumisokea-pianistsLumisokea’s recent works on Opal Tapes have been eye-opening.  This duo of Koenraad Ecker and Andrea Taggi deconstructs various techno tropes before reassembling them via industrial-grade factory floors.  Eavesdropping On Pianists, a digital-only EP, dives into this headlong and reaches new depths before running out of air.

Opener “The Engineerist” hits the ground running with electronic warning signals beeping and stretching before the oncoming beat blasts.  Where Lumisokea excels is through the mixture of rich and heavy electronics and varying, often unrecognizable, acoustic elements.  With “The Engineerist,” this is most obvious in the composition of the Indian-inspired  rhythmic elements, but on “Mkhat” other tones are processed into some kind of cryptic ether.  Along with the slow bass oscillations the effect is chilling.

Eavesdropping On Pianists is an impressive addition to a growing discography and shows that the partnership of Ecker and Taggi is just beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible.

The EP is available via Eat Concrete and Lumisokea directly: