Howard Stelzer’s Bandcamp Is (Also) Made Of Dreams

sehtstelzerLike Lionel Marchetti before him, Boston’s Howard Stelzer has put up his entire discography (or at least most of it) on bandcamp. There’s a lot to dig through, but I’ve always thought of Stelzer has one of the more underappreciated electro-acoustic manipulators out there.  I also love that he’s taken the time to write up background information, explanations, and simply his thoughts on every one of the releases (or at least all of them I’ve looked through).  It’s a great touch.

I’m especially a fan of his knack for collaboration.  With that in mind, while This Map Is A Gift is one of my favorite pieces of his, this collaboration with the also-horrendously-underappreciated seht is the pick of the litter: