Holly Herndon “Body Sound”

hollyherndon-bodysoundOne of my favorite pieces of music that involves processing and manipulation of the human voice is Charles Dodge’s Synthesized Voices.  Dodge was ahead of the curve when it came to this field, but there’s a direct linear thread from his work to the music Holly Herndon has been producing over the last few years.  For my money Herndon is one of the most exciting artists working in the realm of ‘experimental’ or ‘electronic’ music today and Body Sound keeps the pace.

Whereas other recent work is more vocal, Body Sound expands that palette to the movement of the human body (in this case choreographer Cuauhtemoc Peranda) and breaks those sounds down into microscopic chunks before rendering it into an eight minute sculpture.  Tiny creaks become thudding kicks scattered haphazardly across the floor while a hushed breath or scraped sole erupts into organized chaos. It’s mesmerizing and all-encompassing.

Body Sound is a unique and vital entry in Herndon’s discography and along with the Chorus EP (possibly my favorite piece of music of 2014), her rise is still only in the early stages.

Body Sound is out on 10″ vinyl and digital via Infinite Greyscale.


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