The Archives: Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood

botos-lucifersbrideThere was a two-or-three-year window in the mid aughts where Digitalis/Foxglove and mighty, sprawling Music Your Mind Will Love You label/collective (and in particular MYMWLY figurehead Michael Donnelly) were connected at the hip.  It was an amazing collaborative partnership and it amazes me how much of the music, when I listen back now, holds up in one way or another (I still think the never released final Alligator Crystal Moth full-length is fantastically bonkers).  Lucifer’s Bride was one of the first things we did together and it still sits as one of the best BOTOS releases in my mind.  The title track is a sprawling mass of psychedlic road show hell.  I remember describing it as “dirt psych” in the catalog write-up and that still holds true.  Everything about “Lucifier’s Bride” sounds as though it was constructed in the baked dusty outback underneath a spreading cloud of smoke.  Ancient music revived via weed-fueled rituals somehow ends up transmitted via the cosmic ether into Donnelly’s spinning brain.  It’s an enchanted carthasis.

I am now going to start revisiting the entirety of the MYMWLY family back catalog (so I guess I’ll see y’all in a few years). Seriously, though, it was magical time during those years and I’m annoyed with myself for losing touch w/ Michael (if you’re reading this, get in touch!).  All hail; all hail; all hail.