Bing & Ruth “The Towns We Love Is Our Town”

bing&ruthBing & Ruth continues 2014’s trend of RVNG Intl flooding the streets with essential music.  I’m not sure anyone has impressed me more this year.  I was surprised to learn, after hearing the quixotic “The Towns We Love Is Our Town,” that this outfit was recently formed (well by recent, the mid aughts) and that their forthcoming album, Tomorrow Was The Golden Age, is not archival.  This speaks to the timeless feeling of “The Towns..” with drifting piano flutters and light-as-air layers of stringed instrumentation.  David Moore, who wrote and conducted Tomorrow Was The Golden Age (as well as playing piano), stretches the composition to the distant horizon, alleviating any sense of restraint so that “The Towns…” can float away into the night sky.  This is a beautiful piece of music that promises a great album to come.

Tomorrow Was The Golden Age is available to pre-order via RVNG right now.