Ketuk Ketik

ketuk-ketikI wish I could remember how I landed on this page, but thanks to whoever turned me onto it because I’ve lost hours just fucking around with it.  Ketuk Ketik is a virtual gamelan you play with your keyboard.  I probably do need to say much more, but here’s the skinny (via the KK site):

Ketuk Ketik is a virtual gamelan, the traditional court and folk music of Indonesia. While gamelan has many variations in pitch and instrumentation, this represents degung tuning in the Sundanese style of West Java.
These audio samples are recordings of the University of California, Davis, Gamelan Ensemble. Hover over each box to see the instrument name and each pot to see the note number.

Dreamed, recorded, and programmed by Elisa Hough. ©2014

First person to record an entire demo with this gets free beer. Have a good weekend y’all.