Tanner Garza “There’s More To Life Than This”

tanner_garza-moretolifeTanner Garza’s There’s More To Life Than This is a concise tape that leaves a mark.  Released on Kevin Greenspon’s Bridgetown (a label that I’m finally taking the time to fully explore and in the process have come away overwhelmed and impressed), Garza’s guitar meditations hit me in a way few electric guitar records have as of late.  Listening to “Remarks” or “Shimmer For Us,” it’s like floating in an isolation chamber.  With everything blacked out and the all-encompassing feeling of being totally alone, Garza’s looping melancholy melodies infect your every pore.  There is more peace to be found on “Overlapping Dreams” where an impressive amount of restraint is at the forefront.  On the surface it’s as if the track never goes anywhere, but the repetition and subtle changes in timbre are impossible to escape.  Garza brings it all home with the album closer, “Iceberg Sweaters” (such a great title too), but leaves me wanting more.  Well done.

Bridgetown is massive and this is as good a place to start as any.  There’s More To Life Than This is out now on cassette and digital formats.