Jonathan Zorn “And Perforation”

jonathan_zorn-and_perfI came across Jonathan Zorn via the inimitable Jason Anderson (Gift Tapes, Brother Raven, etc) and a little bit of an obsession has been growing ever since.  Processed vocal work has been an increasing interest of mine (as previously mentioned).  The vocoder action here is the star for sure.  It’s got the feeling of an unhinged child robot ranting where there’s a tightrope Zorn walks between the piece being magical and silly.  Frankly, that’s an area code I love and the almost over-the-top nature of the piece is why it stands out.  The accompanying electronics and other instrumentation coudln’t work better with the piece.

Also, you can’t help but smile at this description:

For these pieces Sigmund Freud’s essay “The Uncanny” is rewritten using Google Translate and MS Word ‘s Auto Summarize function. Logically, the resulting texts are sung through a vocoder.