Pairings #4: Cuvee des Jacobins and Skygreen Leopards

cuveedesjacobinThe real pairing here should be Skygreen Leopards and summer but that’s not what I’m doing with this so get over it.  I guess that means I should pick some kind of summer beer (Boulevard’s ZON comes to mind), but again – not what I’m gonna do.  My favorite kind of  beer in summer, anyway, is anything sour and Cuvee des Jacobins is arguably the best sour available in Oklahoma.  The maltiness balances the sharp acidity beautifully, giving it just enough sweetness to go down smooth.  A bit of farmhouse funk never hurts, either, and that earthy weirdness puts the beer over the top.  At 5.5%ABV this stuff is drinkable to a fault.  It may not be the trendy-as-hell micro of the month, but it’s consistently great.

skygreen_leopards-famcrimeLikewise, Donovan Quinn and Glenn Donaldson have been writing some of the best pop music for the better part of a decade, but I’m not sure how many people actually realize that.  They’ve never released a bad album, and while they wouldn’t be accused of turning the form on its ear, they are immediately recognizable when one of their songs comes on.  It’s been five years since they’d been seen (I thought they’d broken up, actually), but Family Crimes sits comfortably with their best work.  Quinn and Donaldson’s voices complement each other as well as ever and there’s this familiar feeling from the beginning of Family Crimes of everything coming together.  Sunkissed and shrouded by tall green grass, thank the good lord that Skygreen Leopards have returned.

Family Crimes is out now on Woodsist.