Laura Luna “Isolarios”

lauraluna-isoWell this one was a surprise.  Isolarios is the work of Mexican multimedia artist Laura Luna and it’s an album I can’t stop thinking about.  Luna’s work is highlighted by its conceptual depth and the richness with which she fills in all the empty spaces between her ideas.  From the opener “Auroras” on, Isolarios is a fully-immersive soundworld that takes you into imagined, distant worlds while not being content to color between the lines.

Electronic reverie is abound throughout the album, with cathartic loops falling all over each other.  “Auroras” is a prime example of this, but the deep water feel of “Hobyahs” and the short and sweet glimmer of “Simulacra” embody it as well.  There’s endless life within Luna’s work that is intoxicating.  She weaves a narrative of longing that you want to get lost inside and experience fully.

The varied nature of Isolarios is wonderful, but Laura Luna’s ability to concoct a cohesive web out of so many different aural ideas is what I keep coming back.  This is an artist I’m damn excited to hear more from.

Isolarios is out now on cassette and digital formats via Baba Vanga.