May Lilyq “Tricky” Foodman Remix

foodman-remixFoodman should be remixing everything and everybody right?  That’d be my first declaration as President Of The World, anyway.  As with most things Foodman does, I have no iea what’s going on here.  This is a remix from May Lilyq’s debut album, Trick Or Sweet, and while I have no idea what the original sounds like (or May Lilyq sounds like in general), this remix is pure Foodman.  Inexplicable edits, chop-shop beats, and a sonic palette that is limitless and neon-hued.  Listening through these sonics is like running a maze with no exit.  Every turn becomes another aureal stream mashing into everything else.  Clear your cobwebs because Foodman is going to rattle your brain yet again.  Now I’ve gotta check out this May Lilyq album and stat.