Hans-Joachim Roedelius “Tape Archive 1973-1978”

roedelius-tapearchiveI’d like to dream that some day somewhere a label as esteemed as Bureau B will be celebrating my 80th birthday by releasing a boxed set of unreleased works that are this fucking good. But ha ha ha right.  Anyway, if the 3+ minutes here are any indication, Tape Archive 1973-1978 is going to be incredible.  Full press release:

During the legendary Forst years Roedelius had a private workspace with a Farfisa organ, a Revox-A77 tape machine, an echo device and a synthesizer which he borrowed from the Cluster studio next door now and again. Here he experimented, practised, allowed his imagination to flow, at any hour of the day or night, whenever he was not in the studio with Dieter Moebius and/or Michael Rother at work on new Cluster or Harmonia material. Roedelius always let the tape run, in order to analyze the ideas thus captured more effectively on repeated listening.

With “Roedelius Tape Archive 1973-1978” for the first time ever this Roedelius audio sketchbook has been digitalised and available to the public. The boxset offers us a deep insight into the creative process of his music. Fleeting notes, slivers of ideas, so to speak, moments of inspiration. Finger exercises, experiments in harmony, studies in rhythm are also preserved on these magnetic tapes.