Nathan Bowles “Chuckatuk”

n_bowles-chuckatukBlack Twig Pickers and autumn are a near-perfect match so I’m thrilled to see that Nathan Bowles has a new record coming out in November.  This first taste of Nansemond plucks all the right strings.  While banjo is the most recognizable sound, Bowles has always had a trademark touch with the instrument.  There’s a drone-like quality to his playing that mesmerizes while being equally euphoric.  To push “Chuckatuk” over-the-top he’s joined by the one-and-only Tom Carter (who just happens to be one of my all-time favorite guitarists).  Carter’s accompaniment through the first 2/3 is understated, but once he flips the switch and cranks up the electricity, soloing deep into the Bleu Ridge Mountains and I am dead to the world.

H/T to my man Lars for the info on this tune.

Nansemond is out November 18th on Paradise of Bachelors and can be pre-ordered now.