Ramzi “BÉBiTES”

ramzi-bebitesBÉBiTES is like finding alien blueprints and plots to overthrow the planet buried deep inside jungle ruins.  Phoebé Guillemot is absolutely off-worlding here and I’m not sure there’s any hope of bringing her back after this wild electronic ride.

Screwed samples sit side-by-side with chopped-up particles of her own vocals, zig-zagging through the futuristic dancehall bass and rhythm of “Dancehall BÉBiTE.” If this is where dancehall is going in 2220 then count me in.  Guillemot mines for deep gems, lurking in hostile territory where the only defense is lasers and deadly MC skills.  Like Major Lazer but a thousand times weirder and with a speck of the recording budget, Ramzi concocts molten reggae-infused lava that will melt speakers, fry brains, and plot out endless rocketfuel grooves. Through the way she constructs the album, it’s like an mic battle unfolding across the stars and I am dying to see how it will end.

BÉBiTES is a space opera freakshow; a carnival ride wormhole through unknown cosmos built on in-your-face beats and suckerpunch synth hooks.  The more I hear this the more I’m convinced it’s one of the year’s best albums.  Unreal.

BÉBiTES is out on cassette and digital formats.