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polymerslug_control-jcardFor Polymer Slug’s synthetic opus Simple Displays of Control we only have to dig back to 2010.  This tape remains a high point in the whole ‘synth revival’ (blah blah blah) for me as Adam Tramposh has immeasurable compositional skill.  “[05.09.10] Display 5” works so well because the varying layers complement each other perfectly.  The ebb and flow makes the whole piece feel like an intricately choreographed freefall with pieces moving apart and coming together in rhythm and harmony.  Hints of whimsy push the tune across the finish line, acting as an anchor for an incredible album.

Simple Displays of Control was originally released on cassette as Digitalis LTD#171 in November 2010.  It’s totally, utterly out-of-print (unfortunately!).