Farewell My Concubine “Stanchioned”

farewell_my_concubine-stanchionedFarewell My Concubine (ex?current? Angels In America) released one of the year’s best albums with Insaniac In A Living Hell earlier this year.  “Stanchioned” is from the seemingly forthcoming Symphony Of Problems tape (“coming eventually”) and it’s a fucking monster.  There’s a certain ridiculousness to this tune that I’m utterly obsessed with.  That guitar riff is the kind of mid-90s hoopla that I would have killed to write when I was 15 (in the mid-90s).  It’s gnarly and catchy and fucking perfect.  Add in the monotone, doubled vocal action and this is simultaneously a throwback and the goddamn future.  Farewell My Concubine remains the best project virtually nobody in 2014 is talking about.  Purr-fucking-fection.