JLK & the Assassins “Tempestuous” (teaser)

jlkassasins-tempestuousWell, I didn’t see this one coming.  JLK’s various solo tapes on Hobo Cult were always highlights for the label, but they sounded nothing like this.  While there’s still vague hints of the deconstructo-gonzo-blues that JLK scrawled on those tapes, her debut as JLK & The Assassins (a band consisting of Christian Richer (Haiduks, Element Kuuda, etc), Einar Jullum, & Jack Deming) is another beast entirely.  Desert rock?  Hell yeah.  If the world is a just place (haaaaa), this would be huge.  I have no idea when or where Tempestuous is out, but check out four tracks below: