Anjou “Sighting”

anjou-sightingKranky had me at ‘collaboration between Robert Donne, Mark Nelson, and Steven Hess‘ but this first taste of Anjou (as the trio would like to be known) sunk the dagger in deep.  “Sighting” is a beautiful, intricate mess.  Interlocking fried circuits, whether digital or analog, hiss and howl like a wounded animal ascending skyward.  Even when everything happening feels orcehstrated down to the second, there’s a foreboding sense that Anjou have lost control.  Blankets of synthetic, dreamy pads counteract the glitched-out minefield while a slow-yet-persistent bass rumble leads toward the promised land.  Eventually “Sighting” evolves into a bizarre, minimal space rock opus with Hess’ backbone rhythms aligning the proceedings toward the sun.

Anjou’s debut is out September 15th on Kranky.