Foodman “Doguu”

foodman-doguuIf Foodman were elected president of the entire goddamn world, I’m certain that we’d be living in some bizarro Snow Crash-esque world within a few years.  Takahide Higuchi is Hiro Protagonist with a sampler instead of a computer.  On Doguu he is part magician, part demolition expert, and part rogue hero.  His take on footwork is a marvel.  Throughout his work he is always taking things apart and reducing the genre to its most base levels, finding a surprising foundation.

Tracks like “nansinore” and “UUUUU” just about lock into a groove but Higuchi never lets the rhythm fully form.  Like a dam holding back a tidal wave of four-to-floor beats, Foodman wants to bulldoze everything, all of it.  The collaboration piece, “uho uho story,” with DJ Fulltono does get into full-on dance mode, but I’m certain that if Fulltono’s beats were stripped out it would be a stronger tune.  MIDI debris and digitally precise cuts are scattered all over the room when Foodman is in full control and that’s how it should be.  His compositional approach is ultra modern and exists only in his wired brain.

Doguu is yet another chapter in the story of Foodman.  As great as his releases have been up to this point, one can’t help get the feeling this is only the beginning and Higuchi has just barely scratched the surface so far.  He’s going to take over some subsection of the world some day and knock all of us flat on our faces.  Foodman is life.

Doguu is out now on Sound of Romances.