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cmerrit-ancient_elevatorsI’d forgot how much I love this tune.  Not much I can add to the original write-up of the Crown Heights tape, though:

There’s no time like now to get carried away on a bubbling river of flowing electronics and Christopher Merritt is more than happy to oblige. “Crown Heights” is an absolute monument. These are pieces that are fresh-faced and earnest, sprawling toward the horizon. Merritt’s process feels weirdly disjointed on the surface, like he’s throwing a whole host of ideas into the cauldron and seeing what kind of potion he can improvise. But that’s the real beauty of this stuff because once you get into the guts of it and really digest these tunes, you realize how oddly complex each layer is and how much effort he must take to get everything lined-up and synchronized. this is a well-oiled machine for sure.

What does me in everytime are all the varying textures singing together – acoustic guitars plucked & strum along with unrecognizable field recordings and percolating synths plus bowed strings with a million other things interconnected that I can’t figure out. This is one hell of a dizzying aural maze. It’s the kind of place you want to get lost in and buried. Merritt has me in the palm of his hand.