The Spookfish “Living Room”

the_spookfishI dug out Living Room by The Spookfish again today and it’s even better than I remembered it being. It’s easily one of my favorite tapes (and releases in any format really) of 2014.  So good.  Here’s my write-up that was on FACT:

Who is The Spookfish and does it really matter? Living Room is a haunted journey through living rooms and rural alleyways. Album opener ‘Swimming In The Lake’ grabs hold and never lets go, the synth lead so sugary and so catchy that the pulsating beat is almost an afterthought. The Spookfish covers a lot of ground, getting acoustic and contemplative on ‘Black Ghost With Red Eyes’ before reviving mid-’90s tape scene vibes on the closer, ‘Snake Song’. Living Room is aptly titled as The Spookfish draws the listener into his home, cooks dinner, and sets the world on fire. Great tape.

And hey, he just left on a short tour so get at him (and someone ask him what he’s working on next and then email me).